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Art For My Rent: Part II (it’s the 6th month anniversary!)

Six months ago I started the Art For My Rent project on a whim. It instinctively brought together various concepts that I had been toying with into one idea. But what exactly was that idea? Why do I keep calling this website an ‘art project’? What am I trying to achieve with this? These are all questions that I’m hoping to answer on a much deeper level.

In my journey to find my place in the art world (or create my place), I have struggled with some basic concepts. One of my strongest and most confusing struggles is my  resistance to branding and marketing. “But… isn’t this site based around a good branding concept?” some of you might think. On the surface, yes. But it underpins many concepts that I’ve yet to process. Concepts that I’ve written about briefly but haven’t thoroughly dissected, so that  they don’t make sense to me yet.

I need to make art. I need it like I need to breathe, and I can’t function properly if I don’t make art. This is my contribution to the world, as anything else feels like I’m not living up to my full potential. When I seek to make a living from my art and find that it’s nearly impossible, I have to question whether my contribution is of any value to the world. Just what is it that makes art of value to people, and to the world?

I like to think of myself as a spiritual and deeply connected person, even when locked away in my studio for long periods of time. When I talk about my contribution I see all the various parts that make the world go ’round working together, and this is my bit. If my bit isn’t working, than the whole thing is broken. I’m not talking about myself personally. I’m talking about the arts. I’m talking about the difficulty of artists trying to carve out their piece and be able to contribute to this world as they were born to do.

We all know that if you want to be an artist you have to create your own career, you have to “build it so they will come”. Call me juvenile, call me a dreamer, but I think that there’s a better way.

I’m perfectly aware that I’m ranting here. As I said, these struggles that I have are raw and unformed. This concept from the beginning has been raw and unformed. I’m the sort of person that does something instinctively and then things about it for ages until every little angle has been explored, and the whole memory is this tidy little package I can organize and file away as ‘having learned that’. I want to have learned this, and I’m open about not even being close to having it sorted.

Which brings me to the point of this post… It’s time to roll out Art For My Rent Part II.

I want to use the next six months as a time of reflection in which I discuss the project. Since I’ve picked up a few good tips, I hope to pass a lot of these on to other artists so that you can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made and will let you in on what really worked!

To all of my buyers thus far, I’d like to give you my sincere thanks. Creating and exploring is something that I need to do, and it often results in having paintings in many different styles. I’m happy that these explorations have gone to happy homes. Not only have you scored an inexpensive art piece, but you are part of an ongoing art project that I believe is important in asking some pertinent questions about contemporary art culture. I hope that as the project begins to unravel, that you will see what an important part of the project you have been simply by purchasing a work of art.

Now, I still have to figure out just how I’m going to do this! Will keep you updated and keep writing. But most importantly… will keep MAKING ART!