Artist by Artist: Pairing up artists to make a doco

A few months ago I put my hand up to participate in an ABC Open project, Artist by Artist. The project entailed pairing up artists of all different practices to make a documentary about each other. The aim was to get a documentary about an artist through a different artist’s eye. I was selected, along with 9 other artists on the Sunshine Coast, to take part. Participating artists include sculptors, writers, painters, photographers and mixed media.

The project started with a two day intensive film-making course, in which the ABC producers Natalija Brunovs and Solua Middleton taught us everything from script-writing to story boarding. By the end of the two days, we had met our partners, got to know them and had a ‘first-impressions’ story ready to go.

My partner was Lin Martin, a photographer/artist/scientist/Buddhist whose current work focuses on the minute detail of nature. Lin had a beautiful story to tell, and I wanted to give her documentary the utmost attention in order to really portray what her work is about. She has a very soft spoken, gentle nature about her and so the film had to reflect her personality and get to the core of her practice.

I have never made a documentary before, so there was a big learning curb. I really wanted to shoot most of the footage, so I took a plunge into shooting on the day, with the help of Natalija. Thank goodness she was there to help! I later got the help of my good friend Adam Erbacher from The Film Tree to learn video editing. Since I’m a graphic designer by trade, I’m pretty used to Adobe software so Final Cut Pro wasn’t that difficult. I actually really enjoyed learning the program! In fact, I have a big fat crush on making videos now. Here is the film I made about Lin:


Let’s not forget that just as I made a doco about Lin, she also made one about me. The most difficult part of this project was letting go and allowing somebody else to dissect us and write about us. I’m going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say that the majority of artists are a bunch of control freaks. Self included. So putting my hands up and saying, “go for your life” was tough. Nevertheless, I’m so happy that I found the Buddhist in me to help me let go of detachment and allow Lin to tell my story. She’s done a fantastic job:

Through this project, I have met some wonderful artists that live just around the corner from me in the beautiful Sunny Coast. I feel so blessed to be living and working in a community with so many gifted individuals! Meeting so many great artists makes me feel like there’s a large support network out there. It’s great to be reminded that although we may be hiding away in our little cottage studios in the bush, we’re in this together.


Come along to the Noosa J and meet the artists involved. We will be screening all of the documentaries, as well as hosting an exhibition of the participating artists.

Thursday November 3, 5.30-9pm
light refreshments provided


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  1. evangeline October 12, 2011 8:34 pm

    Thanks, Rene! It was a really exciting project. It’s amazing what you learn by working with other artists. :)

  2. rene bahloo October 11, 2011 10:24 am

    I love the videos, Evangeline! How exciting, beautiful and creative. I’m just about to go out and get a promo video shot and you have inspired me to look at in another way….
    Love and gratitude

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